Features of the Residence

Features of the Residence

We are the first in Northern Cyprus who:

  • Conducted test on the foundation load
  • Incorporated the ventilation in the project
  • Provided central gas supply system
  • Introduced the latest technology and materials in the construction of the complex

Characteristics of the construction

Panoramic Windows

Each apartment in the Renaissance Residence has panoramic windows overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

Panoramic Windowsare the windows from floor-to-ceiling that will fill the room with natural light and give the interior design style and grace.

Construction technology monolith-brick

Precast concrete construction is the most effective technology used for the construction of residential buildings. The concrete structure, produced on the site, has a number of advantages.

All materials and building requirements are in accordance with the strict construction standards of the TRNC, which is confirmed by the appropriate laboratory analysis, surveys, and tests to the required standards of the completed works

Your safety and comfort is our priority.

Everything is in accordance with the strict construction standards of the TRNC, which is confirmed by appropriate laboratory analysis, surveys, and acts of the completed works.

GTR Development requested to conduct the laboratory analysis of the materials to ensure reliability and safety of buildings that are to being built.

  • Engineering systems Uninterrupted operation of electricity networks, water supply and ventilation - is one of the key benefits of the «Renaissance Residence». We are very particular in carefully selecting the suppliers of equipment and experts who conduct the installation.
  • Reliable, long-lasting and environmental friendly The construction mechanism used allows for a reduced load to the foundation. Monolith-brick houses are characterized by high seismic resistance and strength. Such constructions will serve for at least 200 years. Concrete and brick are natural materials that are environmentally friendly, safe and energy efficient.

Self-managed company The main aim of the management company is to coordinate that all departments operate to ensure that the comfortable living conditions provided to the tenants of the Renaissance Residence. The duties of the management company is to ensure the most efficient use of rental apartments and selection of new tenants for the owners of investment property.

Thus, all the issues related to the organization of the rent of your apartment in the Renaissance Residence will be centrally dealt by the professionals of the management of the complex, which will organize a full cycle of administration and leasing.

Key responsibilities of the managing company regarding the Residence are:

  • Creating an attractive environment for the owners
  • Providing high quality support services
  • Cleaning and safety
  • Creating the most comfortable living conditions
  • Ensuring that operations and engineering are reliable
  • Providing the maintenance and repair
  • Providing the rental package